Trinity Children’s Mission for November – April Feed My Starving Children

                        Starting on the fourth Sunday of November, our children will start collecting for a new mission – Feed My Starving Children. Please visit to find out more about the ministry. Feed My Starving Children is a long-standing, reputable ministry that uses over 90% of the funds it receives for the mission at hand, which is feeding the hungry in nearly 70 countries, including the United States.


                        We are joining with students at BGSU, led by faculty advisor John Laird, and other local organizations to raise $22,000 to pack 100,000 meals to feed the hungry. The meal packing event at BGSU is on April 25 & 26, so we will be raising funds for this mission until that time. We also have the opportunity to help pack the meals during the event in April.


                        You can help by donating on the fourth Sunday of each month when the children come around with their cups (or in the donation can during first service) or you can use the link on our website to donate on line. You can also volunteer to be a part of the meal packing event in April. Being a part of the packing event is a great way to close the mission because you get to be a part of creating the very meals that are purchased by our dollars and that will nourish the people we are helping. We also get to work side by side with others in the community who will have worked to make this goal a reality.


Please join us as our children work to help hungry children around the world. Thank you!