Welcom Team

Do you remember the first time you came to worship at Trinity Church? Maybe you were an infant carried in by your parents, or maybe you were older and came looking for connection and a place to belong. Think for a moment about why you stayed here at Trinity? Why did you decide to call this church your home? Was it the warm smiles that greeted you at the door, or the friendships you made in Sunday School class? Maybe you’ve stayed because this church just feels like home to you. Whatever reason you are here, I am so glad that we get to join together in worship of Jesus our Lord.


 Now a question: What if everyone who visited our church felt like this church was home?


 Pastor Andrea is looking for a few people to serve on the new Welcoming Team. This team will assist new visitors with connecting to our church and work to ensure that visitors feel at home at Trinity. Team members will work to identify new visitors on Sunday mornings, help with guest follow-up after the worship service, and assist in offering hospitality to all of our visitors. Please contact Pastor Andrea if you would like to participate in this vital ministry that will enable us to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ!